Written infant observation essays

The history of Embrace started in 2008, in a class at Stanford University, where the co-founders were challenged to come up with an incubator that costs less than 1% the cost of a traditional incubator. After extensive research, they developed the Embrace infant warmer and have spent the last 8 years distributing these around the world.  Little Lotus , our newest product line, uses similar technology as the Embrace warmers to ensure babies sleep at the perfect temperature. Through our 1:1 model, we hope to help 1 million babies around the world.

We at the International Congress for Infant Studies , the Cognitive Development Society and the International Society for Developmental Psychobiology  hold that the pursuit of knowledge embodied by science is best served by engagement and interaction with all serious scholars regardless of national origin or creed. We are dismayed by any attempt to restrict opportunities for scientists to fully participate in global academic dialogue. Such efforts are immoral and they undermine the scientific enterprise. Understanding the complexity of human behavior requires us to explain how behavior varies across and within cultures.  Policy decisions aimed at helping all children thrive must therefore be based on science that is global and generalizable. We are committed to ensuring participation for scientists of all nations.

Written infant observation essays

written infant observation essays


written infant observation essayswritten infant observation essayswritten infant observation essayswritten infant observation essays