Thesis onderwerp kiezen

Stefan is Senior Sales Manager at Crunchr, the innovative platform for organizations and their HR experts who wants to start with workforce analytics today. Stefan has a background in Marketing and Business Administration and in the last 12 years he has been teaching & tailoring (global) enterprises new ways of thinking regarding Payroll outsourcing & HR-IT initiatives. Stefan will be responsible for the sales strategy and -execution of Crunchr (appointed as cool vendor in HCM in 2015 and recently funded by Randstad Innovation Fund) in the NL.

Mrs. Beeton , the original domestic goddess popularized jelly desserts in her best selling book  Mrs. Beetons Book of Household Management . Yes, she is the one to blame, but still, when in moderation and fortified with alcohol, jellied desserts are light and refreshing. Chartreuse is an after dinner liqueur which dates back to the 17th century, a creation by 3 monks who each had one part, but not the entire recipe.  It is available in green and yellow.  While the green provides a nice color contrast to the peaches, it has more of a vegetable or herbal flavour, the yellow more honey.  It is one of the handful of liquors that continues to age and improve in the bottle.

Thesis onderwerp kiezen

thesis onderwerp kiezen


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