Thesis on night shift

Though meter is a poetic device, playwrights as well as prose writers often use it to heighten the dramatic quality of the work, adding enchantment, mystery and emotion to their language. If you look carefully, you will notice metrical feet are not only suitable in poetry, but also in plays to achieve dramatic purposes. However, its basic function is to provide rhythm and uniformity, and to give a rounded and well-formed structure to the poetic work. Meter makes the tone of a language more lyrical. When a situation requires heightened language, the poets use meter for artistic effect. Besides, a meter has importance and value to the readers, which could, however, be lost if paraphrased or translated.

Night shift: Night shift, mids, graveyard shift… Many names, same shift. Mids usually covers the hours of 12am-8am or similar hours. When I was in the USAF, I volunteered to work this shift for two years so I could attend night school full time and get my degree. It was my best financial move in college because the military paid me to go to school. It wasn’t always easy going to bed at 10 am, sleeping until 3pm, then getting up, going to class, then immediately going to work. But the payoff was a degree and opportunity that I wouldn’t have otherwise had. The other benefit was there were fewer people in the way at work so it was easier to get my job done.

Thesis on night shift

thesis on night shift


thesis on night shiftthesis on night shiftthesis on night shiftthesis on night shift