Science coursework data analysis

Sophie Searcy comes to Metis from Elektra, a wearable startup that is replacing haptics with electricity. At Elektra she was cofounder and CTO, designing everything from the electronics to the framework for analyzing data. Before that she worked in the CoDaS lab at Rutgers where she combined cognitive science and theoretical computer science to build models of how people and machines teach and learn. She holds masters degrees in Electrical and Computer Engineering and Psychology. She is passionate about teaching, both in theory and in practice, and about making sure that data science is primarily a tool that is used to improve people's lives.

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Surely good practical software skills are needed in places where Data Scientists work, but the core of the practice is not about manipulation. It really is about bringing *science* to the organization, hence the title. I’d like to believe that budding data scientists can see beyond the need to gain familiarity with the latest tools, and dig into the history of organizational & behavioral analysis, taking a page from machine learning when it was a part of artificial intelligence, decision theory, systems analysis, management science, operations research, and .. cybernetics.

Science coursework data analysis

science coursework data analysis


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