Salt gradient solar pond thesis

I checked the water pH and TDS (total dissolved solids aka salts aka solutes) in my wicking bed and SIP reservoirs this spring. TDS was less than 1000 ppm, pH was neutral, all good. Apparently, precipitation has provided adequate salt flushing for my purposes. If you have high TDS in your irrigation water, or in your soil amendments, flushing from precipitation may not be enough. My TDS could build over time. If my reservoir water TDS went over 2000 ppm I would think about a soil/reservoir flush. If reservoir went over 4000 ppm, I would expect to see some impaired growth during hot weather.

Housing More Than One Dragon
Reptiles are instinctively territorial and may fight when caged together. A male and female Bearded Dragon can generally be kept together; however, the male may become extremely aggressive during the breeding season and require removal. Also be aware that larger Bearded Dragons may keep smaller cage mates away from food and heat sources, and may even see them as an appetizer. If you plan to house Bearded Dragons together, use a larger cage to decrease the possibility of aggression and monitor your dragons closely.

Salt gradient solar pond thesis

salt gradient solar pond thesis


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