Praxis ii essay questions

Father, how was it that only priests distributed Holy Communion pre-Vatican II when we had a 90% attendance at mass?
Today, the problem is people are in a hurry to get mass over with. The church has placated the people with a much shorter mass and a much shorter sermon. I’ve heard people complaining that the priest went over the limit of an 8 min. sermon. I attend the Latin mass, which of course is much longer, and the sermons are longer than 8 mins. People don’t run out of mass, almost stepping on the heels of the priest as he walks down the aisle. Many stay a few mins. after mass in thanksgiving to the Lord for the greatest prayer
Secondly, Vatican II was a disaster, and was not needed. Pre-VII, we had full churches, seminaries, convents, Catholic schools, and long lines at confession. What was the reason for the “update?”

        ABSTRACT: The sensational title accuses the invention of Maelzel’s metronome of having greatly damaged our understanding of Viennese Classical music: the levelling “tac-tac” of the metronome ousted the organical vibration of the musical metre from our conscience. For Haydn and Mozart the speed was defined by the combination of  time signature , smallest note values and tempo word , they did not regard it as an independent paradigma like we do. Even Beethoven inspite of his enthusiasm for the invention metronomized only ca. 6 % of his works. The pendulum experiments from Mersenne up to Maelzel - described here in detail - were based on a misunderstanding: the life of musical time can on principle not be related to the indifferent, linear time of physics. Only good judgement based on thorough comparison of a composer’s works can find the right “mouvement” of a piece of music.

Praxis ii essay questions

praxis ii essay questions


praxis ii essay questionspraxis ii essay questionspraxis ii essay questionspraxis ii essay questions