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Your part of the problem Gage G. Canadians, fat Germans, etc. did trek to Cuba because it was cheap place to get laid and a suntan. Sounds like you’re still bragging, but did you realize she or he ( in your case ) was only 16?
Every Cuban refugee I met talks about the police state they fled. In your feeble mind, the head cop was eradicating “capital excesses”. Do you mean the capital excesses of free enterprise, limited government, the Bill of Rights?
You’re in denial Gage G, willing to overlook a murderer, a dictator, a greedy , because of sunshine and cigars. Stick one of them where the sun doesn’t shine.

Roy Heenan, described by Bacal as a “visionary with little management skill,” was allowed to stay on as chairman long after it became clear that the firm needed him to make way for a younger successor. (He was seventy-eight at the time the firm fell apart.) No replacement was ever named after Heenan stepped down five years ago; according to Bacal, many partners didn’t feel it necessary to appoint one. As late as 2012, Bacal reports, the firm was still led by “dreamers.” In what other area of modern professional life—except, perhaps, academia—are important personnel decisions still executed in this genteel manner?

The airport was divided into two sides, a military side along with the Pratt & Whitney Canada facility (facing runway 06L/24R) and a civilian side (facing runway 06R/24L). Today the military base, the former RCAF Station St Hubert , has ceased operations, but the Armed Forces still use the base as a garrison comprising the tactical helicopter unit, 438 Squadron and 34th Service Battalion . The ex-Pratt & Whitney hangar is owned and operated since 2012 as the largest FBO on the airport by an AvFuel branded dealer: CYHU H-18 Services Inc.

Pierre trudeau essay

pierre trudeau essay


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