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In 1931, Payne became an American citizen . On a tour through Europe in 1933, she met Russian -born astrophysicist Sergei I. Gaposchkin in Germany . She helped him get a visa to the United States and they married in March 1934, settling in the historic town of Lexington, Massachusetts , a short commute from Harvard. They had three children, Edward, Katherine, and Peter. Her daughter remembers her as "an inspired seamstress, an inventive knitter, and a voracious reader." She and her family were members of the First Unitarian Church there, where she taught Sunday school. [21] She was also active with the Quakers . [22]

A student who fails to meet the above requirements may be recommended for termination of graduate study. A graduate student may be disqualified from continuing in the graduate program for a variety of reasons. The most common is failure to maintain the minimum cumulative grade point average () required by the Academic Senate to remain in good standing (some programs require a higher grade point average). Other examples include failure of examinations, lack of timely progress toward the degree and poor performance in core courses. Probationary students (those with cumulative grade point averages below ) are subject to immediate dismissal upon the recommendation of their department. University guidelines governing termination of graduate students, including the appeal procedure, are outlined in Standards and Procedures for Graduate Study at UCLA .

Phd thesis ucla

phd thesis ucla


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