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Back at the hostel, I spend an hour on hold trying to get through to my phone company. Eventually, I discover that my options are ten bucks per day for unlimited everything or forty bucks per month for a hundred texts and hardly any data. Ten bucks per day is over three hundred dollars. And I’m guessing I would blow through the one hundred texts in about five minutes. They suggest I put it in airplane mode and rely on finding free Wi-Fi, so I can still FaceTime, send iMessages and emails, and use my apps. Luckily the hostel has Wi-Fi. Unluckily, I am once again flooded with messages from Addison:

Vinyl not only sounds different, but it also has a possessive quality that intangible downloads and streaming lacks. As Simon Reynolds notes, the iPod looked set to do away with “record collecting in the traditional sense”, but collecting is actually an intrinsic part of vinyl’s allure. An LP is an object and one that comes with a certain “ritual” behaviour, from the opening of the sleeve and the gentle handling of the disc, to the aesthetic qualities of the cover and the inner sleeve designs with its artwork (often considered to be art and diminished on the smaller CD case) and printed lyrics.

My turn essays newsweek

my turn essays newsweek


my turn essays newsweekmy turn essays newsweekmy turn essays newsweekmy turn essays newsweek