Military customs and courtesies essay

The prevalence of military engineering in the United States dates back to the American Revolutionary War when engineers would carry out tasks in the . Army. During the war, they would map terrain to and build fortifications to protect troops from opposing forces. The first military engineering organization in the United States was the Army Corps of Engineers. Engineers were responsible for protecting military troops whether using fortifications or designing new technology and weaponry throughout the United States’ history of warfare. The Army originally claimed engineers exclusively, but as the . military branches expanded to the sea and sky, the need for military engineering sects in all branches increased. As each branch of the United States military expanded, technology adapted to fit their respective needs. [9]

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Military customs and courtesies essay

military customs and courtesies essay


military customs and courtesies essaymilitary customs and courtesies essaymilitary customs and courtesies essaymilitary customs and courtesies essay