Inpirational essay

How often do you say or hear other people say “Well, we’re human..” or “That’s just what people do.” as justification for certain behaviours? Do you ever question such comments?

Today is a day to evaluate and, perhaps, readjust your personal definition of being human.

You are an amazing creature. You can be whatever you want to be. The only things that can stop you are your own beliefs about yourself and that is not intended in a corny, self-help sort of way.

For example, you may have heard the claim that we are not meant to be with one person for our entire lives and it’s not logical to expect someone to be faithful forever. That is their belief and their choice. And yet, there are those who do fall in love once and make it last a lifetime. That is their belief and their choice.

You may have heard someone justify another’s violent outburst by claiming, “They’re human. Anyone would be angry in that situation.” And yet, there are those who are able to remain peaceful and in control of themselves at all times.

Are those people not human? Of course they are! But they have a different perception of what it means to be human.

Challenge your definition of humanity today.

... Does this definition allow you to become the greatest version of yourself?

... Does it make you proud to be a member of this species?

Before you go to sleep tonight, create a new definition of yourself, what you want to be and believe, however grand it may seem. Have a human day! From the Book A Candle at Both Ends by Tiffany Prochera
Copyright 2005, Tiffany Prochera .
Reproduced here with permission

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Inpirational essay

inpirational essay


inpirational essayinpirational essayinpirational essayinpirational essay