Five paragragh essay

The bar chart illustrates number of incidents and injuries per 100 million passengers miles travelled (PMT) reported by 5 different transport in 2002.
According to the chart, incident and injuries reported by commuter rail were 20 and 17 per 100 million PMT respectively. In the same period incident report published by heavy rail and light rail were about times and a little lower than 3 times higher as compared to commuter rail respectively. Chart also showed same no. of incidents in the same year for both light rail and bus.

I say the above not because I am a KJV only person that you described above, but as a preacher that uses the KJV as more than a “historical” reference when preparing a sermon. The KJV has served us well. But, I am not willing to kick it to the curb for the latest translation that is promoted by some slick NY advertising firm. It seems that most modern translations rely mainly on one text they refer to as the “latest and most accurate”. Let’s face it, just because it is the earliest translation and it does not contain Mark 16:9-20 then there seems to be only one question answered. Why is it in their translation? If they are using a text that they agree was not in the original manuscript, then do we not have the translation team adhering to a false presentation of the text?

Five paragragh essay

five paragragh essay


five paragragh essayfive paragragh essayfive paragragh essayfive paragragh essay