Final cultural research paper

Tidus further acts as a Gnostic Christ figure. The Gnostics, rather than believing Jesus Christ to be God the Son, the second Person of a Triune Godhead incarnate, they believed him to be a spirit sent from a higher spiritual plane than that of Yaldabaoth, who came to teach the world about the one supreme transcendent God—different from the God of the Old Testament, whom Gnostics believed was actually the lesser, malevolent deity Yaldabaoth, who created all physical matter—and to free humankind from the illusion that was the physical world. Much similarly, Tidus' very existence is an illusion, as is the world he comes from.

Toni Anaya, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Maria Carpenter, Northeastern University
Trevor Dawes, Princeton University
DeLoice Holliday, Indiana University
Emily Love, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Scott Mandernack, Marquette University
Charlene Maxey-Harris, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Heleni Pedersoli, University of Maryland
Michele Saunders, University of Arizona
Rayette Sterling, Eastern Washington University
Patrick Tomlin, University of Vermont
Melanee Vicedo, OCLC Fellow 2010
Lesley Farmer, University of California-Long Beach, Editor

You will identify an individual research topic and outline your intentions for their major project through a written Learning Agreement.  You will undertake independent study supported by peer study groups, group and individual tutorial and practical workshops.  You are required to produce and present a body of work that demonstrates skills and knowledge attained through a sustained focus on a major project of practical work. You will apply the knowledge, technical and intellectual skills and abilities attained during the first stage of the final year of study and will refine and focus this into a final body of creative practice. You will have the opportunity to investigate various models of portfolio to showcase photographic practice and develop ideas to promote your work externally to related creative professionals.

Final cultural research paper

final cultural research paper


final cultural research paperfinal cultural research paperfinal cultural research paperfinal cultural research paper