Essays on earth's interior

Notwithstanding possible violations of the equivalence principle, Marvin has his work cut out for him.

The power output of the Sun is ×10 26 Watts. 2   The complete gravitational disintegration of the Earth would require an input of energy equivalent to the Sun's total output for a continuous 5 days, 3 hours and 34 minutes. Perhaps ten days with a hyperbolic mirror of fractional AU aperture. Place the Sun at one focus and the Earth at the other. It won't be cheap.

One megatonne TNT nuclear equivalent is ×10 15 Joules, so you'd need about million-billion 30 megatonne thermonuclear warheads to blow up the planet. 13   Not even in General Curtis LeMay's wildest dreams would such an arsenal exist, although the Earth certainly contains enough fissionable and fusible material.

Antimatter has the advantage of total annihilation with matter, converting 200% of its mass energy to pure energy in so doing. As such, one would require 950 billion metric tons of antimatter to do the job. One will also need a large containment vessel and a nearly infinite supply of patience as Fermilab's current antiproton production capacity is about nanograms per year. 14

Essays on earth's interior

essays on earth's interior


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