Essays on darwin's theory

An explanation of NATURAL SELECTION should be placed here for your enjoyment. It is the basic foundation for the study of the most elegant 'family-tree' of all the species, and the main driving force behind Darwin's Theory of evolution. Some dispute over the actual percentage that natural selection HAS over evolution exists ( compared to other factors ), but it is the driving force behind it. Other mechanisms of evolution can also include mutation, migration and 'genetic drift' but we will leave the discussion to the basics. There are three main areas where an individual organism might survive and continue to evolve, thereby having 'natural selection' as the outcome. These three are VARIATION, DIFFERENTIAL REPRODUCTION, AND HEREDITY. Here is a basic example and a description of the three areas as we go:

Charles Robert Darwin

The controversial argument between what man has grown up believing and the facts of science would set a landmark in the modern scientific community today. This landmark would be set in history by the English naturalist Charles Robert Darwin and his theory of man’s evolving genes in natural selection. Charles Robert Darwin was born on February 12, 1809 in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England. He was the fifth child and second son of Robert Darwin and Susannah Wedgwood . Charles Darwin’s father, Dr. Robert Darwin, was a well respected figure in Shrewsbury by both rich and poor. Dr. Robert Darwin was also a member of well-read people with strong Whig leanings. A Whig is a person that belonged to the Wig Party that championed for parliamentary reform . As a young child Charles, in his mind, was not a normal child for he was fond of doing very strange things. Some of these weird things were like the time when he beat a puppy just for the feeling of power. Another one of the strange things that Charles as a child did was that he would collect eggs but only take one egg from a bird nest at a time. The education that Charles received as a child was at first from his sister before going to day school. Unsucceful at school he was removed two years before completion. That summer he spent his time accompanying a doctor on his rounds. Later that year he went with his brother to Edinburgh University. Edinburgh University is England’s best University for medicine. The Darwins had been studying medicine there for three generations.
This knowledge of medicine would come to great use when dissecting specimens. Charles Darwin had heard many times during his childhood from his father that, “people with powerful minds generally had memories that extended far back into there very early period of life” . Thus this statement that Charles heard from his father led him to believe he had a very powerful mind. This one statement is one of the many things that started Charles to become a great scientist. ...

Essays on darwin's theory

essays on darwin's theory


essays on darwin's theoryessays on darwin's theoryessays on darwin's theoryessays on darwin's theory