Essays in theology of culture

Here we have the distinction between the two ways of approaching God explicitly identified as two aspects of theology . Augustine, Boethius, and Pseudo-Dionysius (to name but a few) thus make possible a more refined distinction between two types of aspects to theology. On the one hand, there is a program of inquiry that aims to understand what one accepts in faith as divine revelation from above. On the other hand, there is a program of inquiry that proceeds without appeal to revelation and aims to obtain some knowledge of God from below.

2014: Graduate Education and Research in Liberation Psychology  

The “Hearing Voices” Newsletter from Pacifica Graduate Institute  ( MB) With this newsletter, we are happy to share some of the news of the Community Psychology, Liberation Psychology, and Ecopsychology specialization of Pacifica Graduate Institute’s ./. Depth Psychology Program. Our students travel to campus three days a month (nine months a year) for three years from various places in the US and abroad. In the summer they are involved in community and ecopsychological fieldwork and research in diverse locations around issues of their passionate interest and commitment. On campus they engage in a curriculum that constitutes a bold initiative to forge interdisciplinary transformative approaches to personal, community, cultural, and ecological challenges of our time. This specialization places depth psychological theories and practices in dynamic dialogue with ecopsychology, critical community psychology, and indigenous psychologies and psychologies of liberation.

Mary Watkins, Nuria Ciofalo, and Susan James

Editors and Core Faculty

The Girl from Galilee – or as she more paternalistically known, Jairus’ daughter- lived through an extraordinary, life-renewing, encounter with Jesus. It is this encounter, as related by Luke, that Amy Allen helps us to revisit, taking the child, rather than the adults involved, as the guiding perspective.
I found this an excellent example of how a child-grounded approach to scripture can bring fresh exegetical and interpretative insights and one that is all the more to be welcomed as it comes with open access via the free on-line Journal of Childhood and Religion, JCR:
The JCR, now in its seventh volume is an Read More

Essays in theology of culture

essays in theology of culture


essays in theology of cultureessays in theology of cultureessays in theology of cultureessays in theology of culture