Essay on projector

Imagine you smoke cigarettes and it causes a gangrenous leg.  So you keep buying cheap knock-off designer jeans to cover the rancid infection and spend whole days at shopping malls buying cheap perfume to cover the smell of the your own rot while laughing with your socially networked friends about how hard you work to make the money you take to the mall on weekends to spend on stuff that you don’t need because being an active consumer is the way to relax outside of work – and never realizing that the sado-masochistic power relationship as depicted in Salo is actually your life being played out in a metaphor of indifferent depravity.

There is a great deal of information on the Internet about the visual learner. While articles may vary on the percentage of students that are visual learners, they all stress that the visual learner must be able to see the information. (Some suggest that 80 percent of all learners are NOT oral learners.) The implication for the secondary-school teacher is that we must look to the style of the elementary-school teacher and provide more visual clues to enable learning. In an era of end-of-the-course testing, teachers need to be more aware of variations in learning.

Essay on projector

essay on projector


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