Essay on non renewable resources

A educator does his duty following the guidelines or by following his lessons learnt from his life , unless one can recognise there is importance of its own which is either known to human or not to everything in this essential to fulfill its own role in their own life, as we moulded own needs and greed and we name it evolution we just have to believe the laws of nature which are long learnt by every living being to protect nature, there is always a middle way to which dosent take take toll on both the sides that is very much acceptable to everyone

Abandoning Fossil Fuels right now would be a waist, we should keep using FF but at the same time, develop RE technology so when we run out of FF we will know how to use the energy that we can harness from the Wind, Water, and the Sun to the fullest. Maybe someone will find away for fossil fuels to not have as much as an effect in the atmosphere. We can not just stop using our most powerful and most known source. Eventually we will have no choice but to swich to RE. The Green House effect just gets worse but untill we know more about RE and FF, we must work with what we have if we can live to see the day when RE is the main source of power for our planet

Essay on non renewable resources

essay on non renewable resources


essay on non renewable resourcesessay on non renewable resourcesessay on non renewable resourcesessay on non renewable resources