Essay on morphemes

The splain of mansplain isn't new. It's been used to mean "explain" in texts showing informal speech or—as when Ricky Ricardo admonished his beloved in I Love Lucy —in imperfect English for at least a century. Since the advent and consequent blossoming of mansplain , splain has been attached to other morphemes to create words modeled on mansplain . Mother Jones put the word leftsplaining into the headline of an article by none other than Rebecca Solnit (about how people on the political left should stop expounding on the failings of lefties to fellow lefties). A politician under the mistaken impression that potlucks are a unique Iowa tradition was accused of potluck-splaining when he tried to illuminate non-Iowans on how the communal meals work. But the playfulness in those coinages is often absent in other -splain words: a white person who has a lot to say about racism to people of color may be accused of whitesplaining ; a straight person who has lots of advice for gay people about how to deal with bigotry against them may be called out for straight-splaining .

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Essay on morphemes

essay on morphemes


essay on morphemesessay on morphemesessay on morphemesessay on morphemes