Essay on flaws

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In the beginning of the play, Othello is a grandly positive character - a leading figure in the Venetian establishment, a respected military man, and a loving husband. In Johnson’s view, Othello was “magnanimous, artless and credulous, boundless in his confidence, ardent in his affection, inflexible in his resolution, and obdurate in his revenge." For Bradley, Othello was ‘the most romantic figure among Shakespeare’s heroes’. Bradley’s Othello is a man of mystery, exoticism and intense feeling, trustful, open , passionate but self-controlled, ‘so noblehe inspires a passion of mingled love and pity’ which none of Shakespeare’s other heroes are able to inspire.
Othello carries himself with impressive dignity while frankly delighting in his young wife, whose love he values above -the sea's worth' (). He treats her as an equal, and respects her right to offer her own opinions . He trusts her implicitly “My life upon her faith” despite Brabantio’s warning and his love for her , gives his life meaning “But I do love thee! And when I love thee not chaos is come again." When the couple defend their elopement, in front of the duke and brabantio, we see that their love is both spiritually satisfying and imbued with a healthy sexuality. He is very humble in his speech and refuses to use violence unnecessarily.
However, the sources of danger in his character are revealed but too clearly by the story. In the first place, Othello's mind, for all its poetry, is very simple. He is not observant. His nature tends outward. He is quite free from introspection, and is not given to reflection. Emotion excites his imagination, but it confuses and dulls his intellect. In addition, he has little experience of the corrupt products of civilized life, and is ignorant of European women. Thus ,when faced with the prospect of managing love and marriage, Othello's inexperience undermines his confidence. Therefore, Iago finds it ...

Essay on flaws

essay on flaws


essay on flawsessay on flawsessay on flawsessay on flaws