Essay on compulsory education

Now let us examine the other. You set this armed robber down as an ignorant brother, you intend to reason with him at a suitable opportunity; you argue that he is? after all, a fellow man; you do not know what prompted him to steal. You, therefore, decide that when you can, you will destroy the mans motive for stealing. Whilst you are thus reasoning with yourself, the man comes again to steal. Instead of being angry with him, you take pity on him. Henceforth, you keep your doors and windows open, you change your sleeping place, and you keep your things in a manner most accessible to him. The robber comes again and is confused as ail this is new to him; nevertheless, he takes away your things. But his mind is agitated. He enquires about you in the village, he comes to learn about your broad and loving heart; he repents, he begs your pardon, returns you your things, and leaves off the stealing habit. He becomes your servant, and you find tor him honourable employment. This is the second method.
Thus, you see, different means have brought about totally different results. I do not wish to deduce from this that robbers will act in the above manner or that all will have the same pity and love like you. I only wish to show that fair means alone can produce fair results, and that, at least in the majority of cases, if not indeed in all, the force of love and pity is infinitely greater than the force of arms. There Is harm jn the exercise of force, never in that of pity.

On the other hand, adding community service as a compulsory component to high school programmes has its own advantages. First of all, students could gain valuable practical experience. Traditional schools only focus on academic subjects, and they do not spend much time on building their students’ soft skills. Therefore, while a student may excel academically, he or she could be severely lacking in real world knowledge. This may prove unattractive to prospective employers, and could lead to the student struggling in a working environment. In addition, not only will students gain more real life experience but they will also have better attitudes towards the world around them. Students may live in a bubble, where people’s lives are extremely similar. Therefore, when the students are forced to step out of their comfort zone by the means of community service, they get to open their eyes, and see how other people around them live. Thus, they will become more and more compassionate and sympathetic to those whose lives are different.

“We had gone to New York and lined up Howard Da Silva, who was a big Broadway booming voice actor, to play Eugene Debs’ voice,” Barnett explains. “But that didn’t quite work out, so Bernie ended up doing the narration of Debs’ voice.” Bernie Sanders is from Brooklyn; Debs was not. The movie also suffered from the filmmaker’s reverence for his subject. Sanders, one reviewer opined, seemed “determined to administer Debs to the viewer as if it were an unpleasant, but necessary, medicine.”

Essay on compulsory education

essay on compulsory education


essay on compulsory educationessay on compulsory educationessay on compulsory educationessay on compulsory education