Essay number system

For example, the decimal number 123 represents the decimal value 100 + 20 + 3. The number one represents hundreds, the number two represents tens, and the number three represents units. A mathematical formula for generating the number 123 can be created by multiplying the number in the hundreds column (1) by 100, or 102; multiplying the number in the tens column (2) by 10, or 101; multiplying the number in the units column (3) by 1, or 100; and then adding the products together. The formula is: 1 Ã- 102 + 2 Ã- 101 + 3 Ã- 100 = 123.

The Buckingham Canal ( km) is an important navigation canal in Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. It runs parallel to the eastern coast joining all the coastal districts from Guntur to South Arcot. It is 315 km long north of Chennai and 100 km south of it. Its northern part connects the Kommamur Canal of the Krishna delta, while the southern part terminates in Marakkanupi backwaters. The construction of the Vijayawada-Chennai rail line has adversely affected the canal traffic. It is now mainly used for the transport of salt and fire wood to Chennai city.

Essay number system

essay number system


essay number systemessay number systemessay number systemessay number system