Biblical essay

The division of historical Jesus research into three broad quests (Old Quest, New Quest, Third Quest) has attracted much criticism in recent years. The quest terminology draws from the English translation of Albert Schweitzer’s monumental book The Quest of the Historical Jesus (first appearing in German in 1906 as Geschichte der Leben-Jesu-Forschung ). Schweitzer’s meta-critical work, in which he reviewed the previous two centuries’ research on the historical Jesus, was regarded as a serious blow to the original quest. See complete essay

God has given man a right, as His stewards, of property ownership and control which is recognized by the Commandment “Thou shalt not Steal” and Jesus’ recognition that Caesar has control over those things that are Caesar’s. The key to the right of individual human ownership is that the man made laws to legally possess and control legally created property, must comport with God’s Laws. The understanding that God created everything and thus is the ultimate true owner of us and our property, is not incompatible with the man made laws of individual property ownership and Individual responsibility.

"I congratulate you on the stand you took against the post Vatican II changes (especially the Mass) and applaud your willingness to accept the inevitable negative consequences of such a stand. God will surely reward your sacrifice abundantly ... Our [men's group] would love for you to come and give another talk at our church if your schedule permits. We are well aware of the financial cross you and your family suffer as a result of yor siding with Truth and are willing to cover whatever fee you deem necessary. Thank you and God bless you."

Biblical essay

biblical essay


biblical essaybiblical essaybiblical essaybiblical essay