Ban cigarette smoking essay

But such efforts will mean little without a shift in people’s attitudes. Here, the ban on smoking in public places or during official activities imposed in 2013 on Chinese Communist Party and government officials could be helpful. As Huang explains, if more officials turn to e-cigarettes, ordinary people might be inspired to follow suit.
Already, it seems that the directors of the China National Tobacco Corporation have complied with a government-mandated ban on cigarette smoking. Whether they have become e-cigarette “vapers” is not known.

The legislative body of New York City has taken measures to address this issue. Since April 29, 2014, it has been illegal under New York City’s Smoke Free Air Act to use electronic cigarettes in certain public places. The New York State legislature is also well aware that the Public Health Law does not currently prohibit the use of electronic cigarettes. Indeed, on June 18, 2015, ten days after the occurrence alleged in this case, the New York State Assembly approved Bill A05955, a bill to amend PHL § 1399-o to “[m]ake[] the restrictions relating to smoking in public areas applicable to electronic cigarettes.” That bill died in the state Senate, however, and was returned to the Assembly on January 6, 2016.

Ban cigarette smoking essay

ban cigarette smoking essay


ban cigarette smoking essayban cigarette smoking essayban cigarette smoking essayban cigarette smoking essay