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John R. Bentley <jbentley1[at]>
Associate Professor of Japanese, Northern Illinois University
. from University of Hawaii
Research interests: historical linguistics; Asuka-Nara era linguistics, literature, history; kokugaku (Kamo no Mabuchi, Motoori Norinaga). I am currently trying to finish a translation of Nihon shoki that has taken me almost ten years.
The Authenticity of Sendai Kuji Hongi : A New Examination of Texts, With a Translation And Commentary (Brill's Japanese Studies Library, 2006). // Historiographical Trends in Early Japan (Lewiston, .: Edwin Mellen Press,  2002); A Descriptive Grammar of Early Old Japanese Prose (Brill's Japanese Studies Library, 2001); "A New Look at Paekche and Korean: Data from Nihon shoki ." Language Research (); " Toru in Old Japanese." Journal of East Asian Linguistics (); "The Origin of Man:yoogana." BSOAS (vol. 64, pt 1, pp. 59-73).

Another oft-cited parallel with Egyptian literature is the creation of people from clay on a potter’s wheel by the god Khnum, which his consort Heket animates with the “breath of life.” 23 But it appears that Khnum creates every person and animal in this manner, not just the first man. 24 Although the creation of people from clay mixed with the breath or blood of a god also occurs in many Mesopotamian texts, the clay theme itself is not universal: one text speaks of people springing up from the earth like grain, seeded by the blood of two gods; 25 another relates how people simply emerge from the ground as Enlil hoes it. 26

Anu thesis format

anu thesis format


anu thesis formatanu thesis formatanu thesis formatanu thesis format