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Similarly dissemination of capitalist economy and democracy is one of the long range objectives of the US policy. After the end of cold war it was believed that there is no serious rival to the Western Democracy. The "End of History and the Last Man" is a 1992 book by Fukiyama expanding the 1992 essay "The End of History?" published in the Foreign Affairs journal "The National Interest". In the book, Fukuyama argues the controversial thesis that the end of cold war signals the end of the progression of human history:

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A collection of short stories, Angaaray (embers), which had stories by Sajjad Zaheer, Ahmed Ali , Rashid Jahan and Mahmud-uz-Zafar was published in 1932 and banned in 1933 by the British Government of India "for hurting the religious susceptibilities of a section of the community." [2] This gave rise to the All-India Progressive Writers' Movement & Association of which both Sajjad Zaheer and Ahmed Ali were co-founders. The first official conference of the Association was held in Lucknow in 1936, which was presided over by Munshi Premchand .

Afro-asian essays

afro-asian essays


afro-asian essaysafro-asian essaysafro-asian essaysafro-asian essays