Aamir ilyas education system pakistan essay

Rawalpindi features a humid subtropical climate ( Köppen : Cwa) [23] with long and very hot summers, a wet monsoon and short, mild and wet winters. Rawalpindi and its twin city Islamabad , during the year experiences an average of 91 thunderstorms, which is the highest frequency of any plain elevation city in the country. Strong windstorms are frequent in the summer during which wind gusts have been reported by Pakistan Meteorological Department to have reached 176 km/h (109 mph). In such thunder/wind storms, which results in damage of infrastructure especially electric poles, billboards and sometimes buildings too. [24] Rawalpindi is chaotic, but relatively dust-free. The weather is highly variable due to the proximity of the city to the foothills of Himalayas. The average annual rainfall is 1,200 mm (47 in), most of which falls in the summer monsoon season. However, westerly disturbances also bring quite significant rainfall in the winter. In summer, the record maximum temperature has soared to   °C (119  °F ) recorded in June 1954, while it has dropped to a minimum −  °C (25  °F ) in the winter several times in the past. The last time it reached that temperature was in January 1967.

Hi. I am Azam and want to say somthing. I am talking about my apprenticeship wich you organised last ten to fiften years. I am not confirm sory to say. Anyways I want to say that I have been cleared my first interview wich was written tast. But second test will be oral test after some days. But I receved late your interview letter. I complaint but not recommended me at that time and said yours officers that is my fault. So I want to say that, is it any possibilty for me for job in your firm? Now I am 39 years old. Thnks n regards M. A. Khan

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Aamir ilyas education system pakistan essay

aamir ilyas education system pakistan essay


aamir ilyas education system pakistan essayaamir ilyas education system pakistan essayaamir ilyas education system pakistan essayaamir ilyas education system pakistan essay